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‘The education programme of each student is highly individualised with comprehensive planning and tracking systems in place’

(Alan Hill, Educational Psychologist, 4th November 2015)

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‘The curriculum provided for students is highly suitable’

‘evidence from lesson observation, students’ records and their workbooks suggest that their progress is at least good’

(Frank Price, External review, March 2016)

Whilst placing a strong emphasis on enabling students to learn by establishing routines and schedules, we empower them in their learning through the negotiation of a success criteria, adapted to their individual level of understanding, to ensure they understand what they are learning and why. Where appropriate, talk partners, peer and self-evaluation are useful tools for every student in ensuring they become independent learners. By encouraging students of all abilities to communicate, either verbally or through the use of a communication aid, we ensure communication is a two way process. We believe that verbal feedback, where appropriate, is vital so that students know what they need to do to improve, and are given an opportunity to practise it.

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