Parent Feedback

We strive to establish close links with parents and families to ensure our young people have consistency in the support they receive at home and in college. We achieve this through annual face- to- face meetings, annual Parent’s Evening, effective use of the home/ college diary (daily where appropriate) and maintaining an open door policy.  

Parents are also invited to share their views about our provision via a parent/ carer feedback questionnaire. However, we do welcome feedback at any time throughout the year and appreciate the many positive comment parents and families make. It is also important to us that you share any concerns and we will do our best to respond quickly and effectively. Please be reassured that you can always approach us for advice or information.

Below are some of the comments we have received from parents/ carers:

What would you highlight that you are particularly pleased about with The Willow Tree Centre?

Friendly staff

Communication with parents i.e. daily messages on Big Mack, regular diary messages and phone calls for unusual experiences. Access to Hydrotherapy pool and use of TCAT facilities.

The staff, the design and the organisational skills involved.

Staff, new building, good facilities.

It’s friendly, lovely small groups, great staff, it’s safe for our adults.

The facilities available

Open door policy for any concerns to be listened to quickly

Staff are helpful and friendly nothing is an issue or too much trouble, all questions asked in the diary are promptly answered. I’m informed via his diary the exciting things he’s been up to during the day.

Great communication and student focus

It’s a safe environment for them, and they’re very happy young adults. There’s everything there they need.

Staff always approachable, smiling and nothing is any trouble

Communication between staffs/parents concerning any issues.

How the children are taught and treated

The diaries are fab!

Staff are friendly, helpful and approachable.

Living skills

Opportunities – swimming, Arthog, community visits.

Continuation of independent living skills for Young People. Very good staff and peer relationships all helps contend leaving next year.

Friendly, helpful staff who communicate well with me about my son.

It is well led; lots of information comes home as to how your child is doing.

Cheerful, welcoming staff.

100% of parents would recommend The Willow Tree Centre to another parent.

We welcome feedback from parents and carers!

Your views matter to us! we would like to know what you think about The Willow Tree Centre. We use information you share to help us to plan priorities for next year. 

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